AJ Ripley | Founder
Want to schedule a workshop for your team?

Participants will leave Beam workshops with expanded ideas about gender identity and expression and equipped with adaptable strategies for effectively communicating with queer, trans, and gender diverse people in a positive and meaningful way. Workshops are designed to meet individuals where they are at while teaching ally tools and leadership skills so that participants feel empowered to develop systems of professional support for gender diverse colleagues and feel comfortable and confident interacting with gender diverse clients in a respectful and approachable way.

Workshops are approximately two hours and can be done in a single session, or may be split up over two, lunch-hour sessions.
Direct coaching with CEOs and HR teams
Do you have a few specific questions? Are you looking for leadership strategies that you can pass on to your team?

I work directly with CEOs and HR teams to ensure that their corporate policies reflect the ever-evolving world. As leaders in the workplace, you will learn the necessary knowledge about gender diversity to inspire a culture of care in your company that celebrates queer, trans, and gender diverse colleagues and clients.
Communication is Key
Does what you say reflect what you mean?

Before I found diversity consultation, I spent many years as a professional writer on fast-paced marketing and communications teams. I will analyze your website, internal policies, and communications/marketing material to ensure that you are using appropriate and inclusive language. After the analysis, I will offer editorial suggestions for improving your content while retaining your brand voice and tone.