AJ Ripley | Founder
Beam Diversity Consulting bridges understanding about gender diversity and then finds professional opportunities to value and celebrate queer, trans, and gender diverse colleagues and clients.
Before I became a PhD student and university professor,
I worked as a diversity educator in Toronto. In this role, I developed and facilitated anti-oppression workshops for business professionals, students, and educators. Our work engaged directly with 1600 people, across almost 50 workshops, and had an estimated total community reach of 40,000 people.
​​More about me:
  • I identify as both a nonbinary person and a trans man
  • I've hosted a VICE documentary about transgender healthcare access in Canada
  • I'm a PhD Candidate in Interdisciplinary Studies 
  • I've worked as a professional writer and communicator for almost 10 years
  • I first came to New Brunswick in 2003, and I proudly call this place home